The Easiest Way to Become a Landman

by Admin on May 12, 2013

As far as the oil and gas industry is concerned, it takes having adequate knowledge and experiences in order to become a professional landman. While companies may have particular qualifications that they seek whenever candidates apply jobs from them, it is still a tough road to take for one to become a petroleum landman. In this fashion, it is very essential to consider some pointers that will help you land on your dream job. Take the following pointers as principles in getting involved in the oil and gas industry.

Begin at the Bottom

Just like in any other career paths, it is very ideal to begin your journey at the starting point before heading any further. The same way goes with climbing the pyramid of success in which it is required that you begin at the bottom. There could be a lot of difficulties and challenges as you make your way up, but once you get there, it will be very satisfactory and worth every effort you have exerted.

Take an Entry-Level Position

There are a lot of entry-level positions that you can go for. Focus on having a position that is aligned with being a land professional. Just like how it went any other professional landmen broker who are already tenured in the industry, you have to begin by working with entry-level positions that entail simpler tasks and job responsibilities as compared with that of those who have practiced their expertise for a long time already.

Study a Landman Course

It would cost you a certain amount of money to take a landman course, but this amount is reasonable enough to give you the essential learning necessary to hone your understanding and skills in this field. There are two modes in terms of taking this kind of course: traditional and online. Traditional studying requires your physical presence in daily or weekly classes while online classes can be done through the use of a computer or any similar device that is connected to the internet. In both cases, always see to it that you enroll in an accredited institution or learning facility. Check their credentials and certificates so that you can rest assured that you are gaining learning from accredited sources.

Apply as a Volunteer

Even if volunteerism would mean that you will not gain compensation in terms of wages, this step can contribute to the furthering of your knowledge and experience in the field. Not only will you be able to expose yourself to the real proceedings involved in the real world of this kind of job, you will also gain as much connections as possible. Getting acquainted with people who are already in the industry will help you gain confidence in pursuing what they have already achieved. Take them as an inspiration to do well and to land on a job in the quickest possible way.

Take One Step at a Time

Beyond these given pointers, you have to bear in mind that you are taking one step at a time in the attempt of achieving your goal through the best means available. The moment you are prepared to face the interviewers with your well-constructed resume, there is no more need to be frightened by the idea of incompetency.

As long as you stay positive in this journey, you can never go wrong. Having the given pointers in mind means you are prepared to face the industry with confidence and adequate knowledge and experience. Consider the lessons you have gained along the journey as foundation of a firmer you—someone who can face the oil and gas industry without any apprehension.

Once you’re ready to get in the game, check out the job board at and start getting your resume out there.  If you don’t get any calls back right away, try to send out your resume to the different landman brokers they have listed on their website.

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