What If You Want to Be an Oil and Gas Attorney?

by Admin on May 12, 2013

Due to the high demand in the industry of oil and gas E&P (Exploration and Production) today, more and more licensed attorneys are practicing their professions as title attorneys. More often than not, those who are recently employed with such title do not have much background and perhaps lack of training thereof. The responsibility of a title attorney is to determine the ownership of surface rights, royalty, minerals as well as leasehold relating to a property under assessment. One is also responsible in identifying potential conflicts in terms of claims as well as defects in the title. With the right knowledge and experience in this field, a title attorney can easily defend a claim and aid in determining the remedy for such issue.

Oil and gas lawyers these days build their reputation by starting as a landman, which is also referred to as a petroleum landman. This individual works on different services for oil companies, specifically for those that are in the oil and gas exploration and production industry. Just like with being a title attorney, a landman works to identify mineral ownership as well as probable defects and poor or unfavorable claims. One is also responsible for mitigating risks in order to consequently resolve any issues.

A very essential factor in oil and gas exploration and production is the title examination. Being an oil and gas lawyer requires knowledge in examining every relevant instrument filed for record in the locality of where the land is situated. There are different ways to do a title examination. A stand-up title examination is one where the title attorney himself studies the records. He is the one who reviews the run sheet prepared by the landman. This run sheet is the abstract of title. With appropriate respect and confidentiality, communication between the two professionals can be done accordingly for the best interest of the task itself.

The next document prepared by a title attorney is the title opinion. This document is a written opinion of that attorney based on his title search into the property. It expresses the present ownership rights that the property has. The title opinion also describes the actions that can be rendered in order to make the declared ownership rights to have marketable attributes. As far as the oil and gas industry is concerned, there is a wide array of kinds of title opinions. It is always best to consult with an oil and gas attorney about the most appropriate kind of title opinion for a given circumstance.

It is ideal for the title attorney to have adequate knowledge and understanding about the subject matter he is handling. Subsequently, his answer to different point must have a concrete foundation that is realistic and fitting. Even if there is a probability of not being able to answer a point correctly, he must have the ability to learn the answer and channel it to his client as soon as possible.

With the right awareness of the locality, the title attorney can break good or bad news to his client. It is always the right thing to know which areas can be drilled in a particular locality. If ever there is a problem, a remedy must be furnished immediately so as not to waste time, effort and money—a big no-no in the oil and gas exploration and production industry.

Just like with any other kind of attorney, a title attorney should be well acquainted with local and federal laws. There are certain standards that must be followed accordingly especially if there are properties affected. Always be mindful when hiring an attorney so that you can expect proper attention for your case.

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